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Allow me to introduce myself in another way. I am Deana Attebery a leather craftsman and a teaching artist. What is a teaching artist? A teaching artist is one who, as an artist, loves to teach and share the art they love to produce. I have had many opportunities to share my leather work with people of all ages, from adults in the area who want to enrich their learning at Treasure Valley Community College to young people in 4-H, and in schools.

"In costume" at a school, sharing skills with children.

Working with the Idaho Commission on the Arts (ICA) and the State Department of Education I have been working as a teaching artist here in Idaho for the past three years. This has allowed me to work with schools in Artists in Residence Programs where the school writes a grant to help with the cost to offer this opportunity to their students. In this capacity I work with each individual school to develop plans that will fit the Idaho State Teaching Standards, the school curriculum, and my art form. I have been privileged to work with many schools in the state. You can find more information about this program and information about me as a listed teaching artist at www.arts.idaho.gov/ae/roster.

ID cases that the JH and HS kids made.

Some of the 138 bookmarks tooled by children at a school in 2010.

These are wristbands that the kids tooled and then I taught them the mystery braid.

Lots of wristbands!

Children watching a video of fresh hides being processed into tanned leather at a tannery in St. Louis, MO: Herman Oak Tannery.

Introduction of the tools on the whiteboard.

One of the journals the kids tooled.  They have been writing journals as if they were pioneers coming out west over the Oregon trail.

One of the kids making a simple patterned belt.

A 17-year-old student's 4-H project, which won the overall county award.

A 4-H student braiding a set of reins for fair.  She won the over all award that year.

A beginning student coloring his project.

4-H student tying a knot for her reins.

4-H student spraying a finish on his project.

Carved/tooled wristbands kids have done.

Deana Attebery
5502 W Idaho Blvd
Emmett, ID 83617


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